Important Points in Horse Acupuncture - 16 Charts

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Our charts include the most important and most common acupuncture points in horses


This set contains:

All important information to each meridian

All important acupuncture points on each meridian

Indications of every specified acupuncture point

Depth of each mentioned acupuncture point

... at a glance


You will get:

12 Meridian charts with indications & needeling details

1 chart Shu-Mo-points

1 chart Governing Vessel Meridian

1 chart Conception Vessel Meridian

1 Chart Anatomy: bones  & protuberances / superficial muscles


Your advantage:

Bundled knowledge to take along

Fast & secure locating of the acupuncture points

Acupuncture educational charts during your apprenticeship

Suitable for every day practice

Easy to clean

You will easily find the points and know exactly where to needle


In any case these charts will support you to treat your patients reasonnable


The tables are also a much needed resource for horse owners, which want to help their horses with acupressure. Our enclosed anatomy chart will help you to locate the points.

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