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Welcome to Bullitor Acupuncture Charts for Horses and Dogs.

Learn about Location and Use of Equine and Canine Acupuncture Points.

Our charts include the most important and most common acupuncture points in horses and dogs.

- for veterinarians interested in acupuncture and TCM

- and for lay people, who want to keep their animals healthy.


By using our charts it will be easy to locate the acupuncture points.


All charts are laminated and come in handy Din A4 format.


Acupuncture training material / educational charts during apprenticeship.


Suitable for everyday practice.


Our charts will help you to treat your patients reasonnable.

Important Points in Horse Acupuncture - Standard Set

Acupuncture Points for Horses - Extra Set

Important Points in Dog Acupuncture - Standard Set

Acupuncture Points for Dogs - Extra Set

Information on Acupuncture - German

Sorry - text only in German