Equine Acupuncture Charts - Important Points in Horse Acupuncture - Download


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Theses charts include the most important acupuncture / acupressure points in horses

You will get:

12 Meridian charts with indications & needeling details

(Lung Channel, Large Intestine Channel, Stomach Channel, Spleen Channel, Heart Channel, Small Intestine Channel, Urinary Bladder Channel, Kidney Channel, Pericardium Channel, Triple Heater Channel, Gallbladder Channel, Liver Channel)

and also:


Governing Vessel

Conception Vessel

Anatomy: palpable bones / superficial muscles


Your advantage:

Bundled knowledge

You will easily find the points and know exactly where to needle

Acupuncture educational charts during your apprenticeship

Suitable for everyday practice

You may use it on each of your PCs

You are allowed to print the charts for your own use


You are not allowed to publish or forward to others without our knowledge - all rights belong to the Bullitor GbR.

If you agree, we look forward to your purchase ;-)
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